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Future Plans

In the twin cities itself there are a few thousand police Officers and Police Personnel.

SUVIDHA has proposed to extend its activities by...

About Us

Suvidha was started on 21St February 1976 as “I.G. of Police Employees Cooperative Consumer Stores Ltd”, initially with financial aid from the Police welfare Society. It was renamed as Police Department Employees Welfare Association on 28th Sept 2001.

Suvidha Consumer Stores is procuring at wholesale rates all Cereals, rice, pulses and other consumer items and selling to police families at prices 8 to 10 % less than MRP It also supplies stationery and office items to various Police offices in Hyderabad and nearby Districts besides items of uniform at very competitive prices. The Fire services and Prison Departments also purchase such items from Suvidha.

Suvidha constructed its own building in the area of the old dilapidated quarters behind the Office building of DIG, Hyderabad range, adjacent to the Chief Office. Suvidha building with plinth area of about 5,000 Sq ft in the ground floor is used as stores outlet, while the first floor with equal plinth area is being used as dormitory, the rent from which is going to welfare account directly.

By meeting consumer needs of police families in Hyderabad, Suvidha has provided quality goods at lower than market rates. Because of constraints of not having more outlets it could not serve needs of more police families in twin cities.


The SUVIDHA has been organised with the objectives of:

  encouraging thrift and mutual help, self-help.
  to work for the furtherance of overall up-liftment of Police Employees and their families including running of training centers and provision of educational and recreational facilities.
  procure various necessities of daily life at wholesale and competitive prices as principal agent or sub-agent or wholesale consumer and make these available to the employees of A.P. Police Department and their families.
  to procure various quality items used in offices of Police Department and its sister Departments such as uniform items, stationary, consumables, furniture, Office equipment, various accessories etc., on wholesale and competitive rates and make these available to the Department at reasonable prices.
  to carry on the above activities for the mutual benefit of the members of Police Department and its sister units by operating consumer outlets of SUVIDHA on professional lines in various locations in the State.
  to own/ acquire on hire (rental) out lets, go-downs and buildings etc., for conduct of above activities.
  to undertake procurement and sale of various controlled commodities for the need of Police Employees and their families and sister departments.
  to raise funds for the fulfillment of the above objectives and generally to undertake such activities as are incidental and conducive to the promotion of the mutual economic interests of its members.
  to take up orphan boys uplift, their education providing scholarships, medical facilities to them and also to deceased members families.